In Sygnis Bio Technologies we strive to provide our partners with the most inventive approach to bioengineering. We are a leading provider of scientific equipment on the Polish market, with a strong focus on high resolution live cell imaging and tissue engineering. Our portfolio combines a multitude of techniques i.e.: 3D bioprinting, biopatterning, live cell and super-resolution imaging.

We are the only distributor of CELLINK, 3D bioprinting market leader, for Eastern Europe and bioprinting 3D solutions partner for “Bionic Pancreas” of FBiRN. We are one of a few experts in the field of 3D holotomographic imaging. We offer cutting edge technology to the scientific world, such as Cellink holographic multiphoton bioprinter – Holograph X.

Sygnis Bio Technologies leads multiple innovative technological and biotechnological projects. Since the very foundation of the company, we have been developing tailored solutions for our customers, using great experience, educational and technical background of its employees and broad market research.

Meet our CORE team:

Grzegorz Kaszyński

CEO and co-founder

Nikoletta Buczek

Application Engineer

Ewelina Zaremba

Chief Technology Officer

Marek Lorent-Kamiński

PR and Communications

“Our Team gathers top 3D bioprinting and microscopy specialists in Poland. We do our best to identify and address customers’ needs and deliver the most optimal solutions so that their business can thrive. We believe that adapting to the rapidly changing environment and creative approach to challenges is the core of any innovative enterprise.”
                                                                                                                               – Grzegorz Kaszyński, Chief Executive Officer Sygnis Bio Technologies.



We distribute bioprinters by the market leader CELLINK.We have full range of techniques from direct pneumatic extrusion and InkJet to stereolithography and multiphoton holography.


We have a unique solution to micropatterning and biopatering problems. With our partner Alveole Lab we are able to turn your standard inverted microscope into digital lithography/patterning station.

Bioinks and accessories:

The range of  bioprinting accessories we offer is very wide – from  nozzles, needles, consumables to bioinks. Bioinks come with more than  30 ready-to-use products such as: alginate, methacrylate gelatin and collagen based.

Live cell microscopy:

Sygnis Bio Technologies provides the best microscopes dedicated to live cell imaging. We offer inverted microscopes that work inside the incubator environment (Etaluma), lensless imaging technology (Iprasense Cytonote) and label-free 3D tomographic microscopy (Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer).

Super resolution microscopy:

We have the first ever tabletop super-resolution fluorescence microscope. ONI Nanoimage combines TIRF/PALM/dSTORM/SIM imaging with resolution down to 20 nm in small form, laser class 1, tabletop microscope. 

Complete laboratory design

Sygnis Bio Technology provides the complete solution. We can help you design your new microscopy, tissue laboratory from ground up, including: GMP cleanroom solutions, laboratory furniture and equipment.


We deliver technological consulting solutions and trainings

Our experts will analyse your needs and find the best solution. We specialize in new technologies application and implementation. We help companies on different stages of their projects. We also offer professional trainings embracing new technologies.