The Aivia 2D package is for researchers looking to analyze 2D and 2D+time datasets acquired in fluorescence or phase contrast microscopy. The analysis recipes in Aivia applies state-of-the-art image processing algorithm to enhance, detect and track objects (cells, nuclei, particles, etc.) automatically and can be easily adjusted to your datasets. You also have access to a wide range of morphological, intensity, motion and lineage measurements with the recipes for comprehensive analysis of your data.

What You Get


The backbone of all Aivia packages. It features high performance volume and surface rendering engines capable of handling even the most demanding (multi-terabyte, multi-channel time series) microscopy datasets. It offers a wide range of visualization models which enables you to explore your data.

2D Object Detection + Tracking


Aivia 2D includes several analysis pipelines called recipes for tracking objects (e.g. cells, nuclei, particles and filaments). Each recipe uses advanced image processing algorithm specific to the application for object enhancement and detection. The recipes detect objects of interest on your image and track their motility over time.

Machine Learning Pixel Classifier

The Pixel Classifier is an image enhancement tool that enhances specific features on the image based on user input teaching patterns. A number of image transformations are applied to the user-defined teaching regions (and their respective adjacent pixels) internally to identify unique features (such as edges or speckles) for classification. 
You can train a machine learning model to distinguish objects of interest from background. The Pixel Classifier provides a powerful way to detect objects in images where conventional threshold-based methods are not enough.


Track and Lineage Editing



Edit tracking analysis results using the Track and Lineage Editor. It features a simple single-button control scheme that allows you to drag-and-drop track points to connect tracks, disconnect tracks and create lineages. All the changes are updated automatically in measurements.






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