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The Aivia CF (Core Facility) packages cater for the needs of microscopy core facilities and labs that require multiple advanced types of analyses. We offer three (3) Aivia CF Packages: CF Go, CF Neuro and CF Pro tailored to the size and need of your facility. All Aivia CF packages come with one seat for Aivia Base, 2D, 3D packages plus our Machine Learning object classifier tool and two (2) years of technical service support and free upgrades.

Available packages



The CF Go package is perfect for core facilities or labs looking for an affordable visualization and automated image analysis package. The package includes the Aivia Base, 2D and 3D packages as well as the machine learning object classifier add-on. Additionally, the CF Go package comes with two (2) years of technical support and software upgrades for free plus one additional standard analysis recipe from Aivia’s large collection of analysis solutions.

CF Neuro



The CF Neuro package is designed for facilities and labs with a strong focus on neuroscience research. The CF Neuro package includes everything from the CF Go package (Base, 2D, 3D and machine learning object classifier add-on) plus the Aivia Neuro package for ultra-fast automatic neuron tracing and spine analysis. You can edit the dendritic network results using the Neuron Editor tool. Extend the analysis by leveraging Aivia’s pre-trained neuron classifier for neuron object classification. The CF Neuro package also includes two (2) additional standard recipes plus two (2) years of technical support and software upgrades.

CF Pro 


The CF Pro package is the ultimate Aivia configuration. You get everything from the CF Go and CF Neuro packages (Base, 2D, 3D, Neuro and machine learning object classifier add-on) plus the state-of-the-art Deep Learning add-on for challenging image analysis applications as well as immersive data exploration using virtual reality (VR) technology. Two (2) years of technical support and free software upgrades are included with the CF Pro package ensuring your facility will always have the most cutting-edge analysis technology available with Aivia. Three (3) additional standard recipes means you get the most value out of Aivia.


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