The Aivia Neuro package is designed for neuroscientists looking for an automated neuron tracing and spine analysis solution. The package includes Aivia’s ultrafast neuron analysis recipe that generates full neuron reconstruction of an image in seconds. You can extend your analysis further with optional spine detection with the recipe. In addition, Aivia Neuro also provides intuitive computer assisted neuron tracing tools to help you edit the automated analysis output or create your own reconstruction.

what you get



The backbone of all Aivia packages. It features high performance volume and surface rendering engines capable of handling even the most demanding (multi-terabyte, multi-channel time series) microscopy datasets. It offers a wide range of visualization models which enables you to explore your data. 

Machine Learning Pixel Classifier


You can train a machine learning model to distinguish objects of interest from background. The Pixel Classifier provides a powerful way to detect objects in images where conventional threshold-based methods are not enough.

3D Neuron Analysis


The 3D Neuron Analysis recipe in Aivia detects and automatically traces dendrites in fluorescent 3D volumetric images. The recipe has options for tracing dendrites with or without soma, as well as options for automatic detection of dendritic spines. After applying the recipe, you can extend the analysis by applying the pre-trained neuron classifier to classify the detected neurons.

Neuron Editing


The Neuron Composer allows you to edit detected neuron analysis results or manually trace neurons on a 3D image. You can trace dendrites using Predict Segment tool and add spines to your analysis results with one-click using the Spine Editor tool. You can also edit the dendritic arbor by removing incorrect network connections on the image and re-connect to the correct segment.


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