The future of bioprinting, the state-of-the-art solution for skin, cartilage tissue and more.

INKREDIBLE+ bioprinters bring streamlined efficiency to every lab – along with excellent technical support.

Robust and reliable, the INKREDIBLE+ is one of the best benchtop bioprinters on the market. Thanks to our patented Clean Chamber Technology, the INKREDIBLE+ can be used directly on your lab bench. Its HEPA-filtered positive air pressure ensures that your projects stay sterile. The INKREDIBLE+ has a cartridge-heating system to enable more projects than ever before. Its features make it the state-of-the-art solution for bioprinting tissues and tissue models.

INKREDIBLE+ has LCD controllers to act as standalone units – they can also be operated through a computer using our accompanying software.

Your 3D design files are translated into coordinates and instructions for the bioprinter, defining its path. The bioprinter extrudes the bioink or cell-laden hydrogel layer-by-layer until the construct is built. The construct is crosslinked using the UV LED curing system or an ionic solution, depending on the bioink’s crosslinking needs.




  • Software Bundle :  Slic3r, Repetier-Host
  • File Types : STL/OBJ/AMF
  • Supports : Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux 
  • Connectivity : USB, SD-card


  • Pneumatic-based microextrusion system
  • 2 heated, pneumatic-based extrusion printheads
  • 1 UV LED curing system 356 nm
  • Max printhead Temperature : 130°C
  • Layer Resolution : 100 µm
  • Positioning Precision XY : 10 µm ; Z: 2.5 µm
  • Build Volume : 130x80x100 mm