cellcyte x

CELLCYTE X has been developed as an insightful and user-friendly system to reinvent microscopy. CELLCYTE X is the next-generation live cell imaging platform designed to optimize data collection, analysis and cell-culturing processes. 

It leverages the full power of CELLINK’s cloud-based DNA software to deliver continuous insight from your incubator to you, enabling high-impact observation without the risk of disturbing an experiment. Are you ready to know how your cells are doing from the comfort of your desk?


Compact design  is tailored to fit inside conventional incubators, there is Robust operation in incubator environment with high humidity without affecting incubator’s temperature.. It has six slots for well plates and tissue flasks enable high-throughput screening and enables tracking cell morphology moment-by-moment, which one can study every detail of your cells at multiple magnifications (eg. 4X, 10X, 20X). The five-megapixel camera captures the clarity and sharp resolution you need.


Modular design allows the user to easily swap the objective and three fluorescence channels help distinguish different intra- and extracellular structures of interest.




  • Blue: Ex 370-410 nm; Em 429-462 nm.
  • Green: Ex 473-491 nm; Em 502-561 nm.
  • Red: Ex 580-598 nm; Em 612-680 nm.