3d bioprinting CONSUMABLES

The best bioinks come from the best sources of raw material. Suppliers are selected based on strict standards, and each delivered is tested for endotoxins and sterility. From the forests of Sweden to the cold waters of Norway, the priority is to to source the best raw ingredients and deliver the maximum value possible to customers.


Once the raw materials are approved, they enter sterile and aseptic production process. This clean area ensures toxin-free manufacturing. The consistency in your research is essential, and each final product is controlled for quality to guarantee reproducibility. Bioink’s viscosity, appearance, pH and cytotoxicity, and in addition the gel point and degree of methacrylation for GelMA-based bioinks is verified.

You can find specifications for each bioink listing the results from quality control process. The figures below show the typical results of the  performed tests.



  • CELLINK A (Alginate)
  • CELLINK A-RGD (Alginate coupled with L-arginine-Glycine-L-aspartic Acid peptide)
  • CELLINK Bioink (Alginate & Nanofibrillar cellulose)
  • CELLINK BONE (CELLINK & Tricalcium phosphate)
  • CELLINK LAMININK+ (CELLINK & Laminin blend)
  • CELLINK LAMININK 111 (CELLINK & Laminin a1b1y1)
  • CELLINK LAMININK 121 (CELLINK & Laminin a1b2y1)
  • CELLINK LAMININK 411 (CELLINK & Laminin a4b1y1)
  • CELLINK LAMININK 521 (CELLINK & Laminin a5b2y1)
  • CELLINK RGD (CELLINK & Alginate coupled with L-arginine-Glycine-L-aspartic Acid peptide)
  • CELLINK SKIN (CELLINK & Fibrinogen)
  • Coll 1 (Collagen type 1)
  •  ColMA (Collagen methacrylate)
  • etc.


BIO X EMD Printhead
The Electromagnetic Droplet Printhead allows You to print at high speeds with precision. The EMD Printhead is based on electromagnetic jet technology for accurate jetting (drop-on-demand) or contact dispensing of low- and high-viscosity bioinks, hydrogels, and media. The EMD Printhead comes with accessories to support both modes of dispensing, jetting or contact.
The flow rate and drop volume is controlled by adjusting the pneumatic pressure at the bioink source, the microvalve’s opening time down to 1 ms and cycle time with frequency up to 2,500 Hz. The EMD Printhead also controls the temperature of the bioink from room temperature up to 65 degrees Celsius.

BIO X HD Camera Toolhead

HD Camera Toolhead gives high-precision video feedback, enabling you to keep track of the printing process and ensure quality.


Photocuring Toolhead

If the integrated photocuring wavelengths aren’t what you’re looking for, attach an extra Photocuring Toolhead to emit any wavelength of UV light.


Thermoplastic Printhead

TEMP: 250° degrees Celsius.

Enables you to use thermoplastics to reinforce your bioink and create a stronger construct. 


Nikoletta Buczek
Application Engineer

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