3d cell culture

Kugelmeiers sphericalplate 5D turns your 3D cell culture research into medical revolution.
Size-controlled clusters of different cell types including stem cells. Freely scalable from hunders to millions. With easy medium change. Reliable data and new applications with significant cost and time savings. 

  • 12 x 750 microwells  = 9000 microwells
  • 3D Stem cell differentiation and maintenance
  • Any somatic 3D cell type application like cancer research, drug and toxicity screening
  • All kinds of analyses where a multitude of regular clusters are needed like histology, protein analysis, mutation analysis, clonal expansion and many more
  • Soon cGMP compliant: somatic and stem cell cluster transplantation


  •  SPACE SAVINGS: 80-400x compared to hanging drops technology
  • TIME SAVINGS: 60x versus a traditional 8 drop multichannel repeater
  •  MONEY SAVINGS UP TO 150x – Material and labour cost reduction


Nikoletta Buczek
Application Engineer

+48 513 864 913