Electrostatic methods enable production of nanofibers and nanoparticles. Application of electrospun materials ranges from energy applications to healthcare solutions. The complexity of electrospinning setups leads scientist to work on home-made devices with poor scalibility.

InoSPIN is here to combine flexibility with scalibility and reproducibility to help you shift your nanotechnological projects to next level. InoSPIN despite small footprint accomodates high-throughput needleless electrode and roll-to-roll systém with efficient width of 400 mm enabling large scale production on bench of your laboratory.



Optimized unit design

InoSPIN combines low space requirements with maximal thorughput and flexibility of electrospinning setup. Device has footprint as small as 900x890x1000 mm and fits to each laboratory.

Intuitive operation

Easy to use software delivering electrospinning even to non-specialized laboratories. InoSPIN could be controlled via integrated touch screen or any internet connected device (Windows/Linux/Android/OsX).