enviro esca

The SPECS EnviroESCA is a novel and smart analysis tool, that overcomes the barriers
of standard XPS systems by enabling analyses at pressures far above UHV. EnviroESCA is designed for high-throughput analysis and opens up new applications in the fields of medical technology, biotechnology and the life sciences. It offers the shortest loading-to-measurement time on samples of all types including liquids, tissue, plastics and foils, powders, soil, zeolites, rocks, minerals and ceramics.


EnviroESCA utilizes X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) as its main analytical technique. Hereby an electron beam is generated inside the X-ray source and focused onto an X-ray anode made of aluminum. The deceleration of the electrons on the anode leads to the production of X-rays. This X-ray beam is monochromatic and focused onto the sample.






The function and efficiency of a catalyst is principally determined by its surface properties. XPS and NAP-powerful tools for investigating catalytic behaviour in studies ranging from model system to real world materials.  

Microelectronics and Semiconductros






The quality of conductive platings on printed circuit boards is crucial for the operation of any microelectronic device. With the AutoLoader this high performance tool is ideally suited for unattended and automated analysis of microelectronic devices. 

Polymers and Plastics 






Polymers and plastics are used in many fields such as food grade packaging and medical technology. Their composition is especially important when the polymers get in direct contact with food or humans. With EnviroESCA the concentration of hazardous contaminations can be quantified regardless of their vacuum compatibility. 






The reliability of mechanical or electrical connections depends strongly on their chemical composition and degree of corrosion. Enviro ESCA facilitates the investigation of the metal surface in interaction with its surrounding gas or liquid phase environment to gain a detailed understanding of processes governing corrosion.

and many others