NanoLab 3D is the best DLS measurement instrument available on the market. It is easy to use and has very accurate measurements of the particle size distribution. Unlike standard DLS instruments, NanoLab 3D uses two laser beams that are modulated at very high frequency. In this way, the instrument simultaneously performs two light scattering experiments. 3D modulation technology fully removes multiple scattering from concentrated samples, enabling measurements to the highest concentrations that guarantee measurement reliability. Thanks to the high-quality NanoLab 3D components, it will not only improve the sample characteristics in the widest possible concentration range but will also save valuable time by obtaining reliable measurements. Also, NanoLab 3D is a “2 in 1” instrument that can characterize particle size, viscosity, and flexibility of the sample.


  • DLS Technology: Modulated 3D
  • Hydrodynamic radius: 0,14 nm – 5 µm*
  • Maximum concentration: 40% w/v*
  • Sample volume: 50 μL —2 mL (Fill it with as little as 4 μL)
  • Temperature range: 4°C to 85°C (+/-0.02°C)**
  • Laser: 638 nm with 120 mW
  • Scattering angle: 90°
  • Software Including Cumulant, CONTIN, CORENN analysis
  • Size: 45 X 45 X 30 cm
  • Weight: 30 kg 

*The maximum range is sample dependent

***A climate controlled room at or below 23  required to meet these specifications, for temperature below the dew point dry air source is required. (optional: 4 to 180°C)