nanolive cx-f

Combine high quality tomographic data with fluorescent markers.

Are You frustrated by the limitations of fluorescence markers? You would like to go

further? Combine them with Nanolive’s digital staining and push the limits forward.

Forget about fixation! Explore up to 10 markers in parallel. With the 3D Cell

Explorer-fluo you can now observe your cells as they are: alive, 3D and in motion!

Limit cell damages caused by fluorescence markers, bleaching, and phototoxicity.

The 3D Cell Explorer-fluo allows you to transform your chemical markers into

physical ones which can be monitored for a limitless amount of time.


You want to extend your understanding of cell structures and cell mechanisms?

Thanks to our 3D tomographic technology you can now have a powerful platform

that combines RI information with fluorescence markers.

Combine 3D refractive index analysis with a fully integrated 3 channel fluorescence

module to image your live cells as they are and as long as you want. Put chemical

information into structural context for new biological insights.


Transform 2D fluorescence into 3D cell tomography: Identify cell organelles through

fluorescence and monitor non-invasively their structures and dynamics in 3D &

marker-free. Explore fluorescence (3 channels) and Digital Stains (8 channels)





  • Holotomography: Class 1 laser low power (λ=520 nm, sample exposure 0.2 mW/mm2)
  • Fluorescence: CoolLED pE-300ultra,
  • High speed switchable <100 μs,
  • Lifetime >20’000 hours each channel



  • 3D Cell Explorer-fluo: 380 × 170 × 445  (width × depth × height in mm)
  • Fluorescence module: 77 × 186 × 162