SPM probes

The cantilever is a key element of any scanning probe microscope, the properties and quality of which depends on the successful operation of the microscope in General. This is the basic measuring element of many types of probe microscopes. The right choice of the cantilever is one of the most important conditions for obtaining good AFM images.


The most important component of AFM (Atomic force microscope) are the scanning probes of the cantilevers. The cantilever is a flexible beam (175х40х4 µm — average data) with a certain stiffness coefficient k (10-3 – 10 N/m), which is a micro needle.


We offers a wide range of cantilevers for a wide range of applications of scanning probe microscopy and full research samples e.g.:

  • diamond AFM probes
  • life science AFM probes
  • magnetic AFM probes
  • colloidal AFM probes
  • Lateral Force Microscopy AFM probes
  • ultra high frequency AFM Probes

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