Vibration isolation

The Vario systems are element based modular vibration isolation systems, consisting of at least two isolation elements and an external control unit. The primary model, the Vario Basic has been designed for the isolation of high static loads. While the two-element-confi guration can carry loads of up to 300 kg, the maximum load capacity can be increased by adding more isolation elements. Thus a set-up of six isolation elements can cope with a load of 900 kg.

For applications with frequent load changes or without access to the isolation elements, we off er the option of an automatic load adjustment. 

The compact dimensions and its flexibility render this product series ideal for installations in customer-specific applications. A typical example is the combination with an

optical breadboard. It serves as a mechanical link between the isolation elements and can be used for a variety of laboratory set-ups e.g. interferometer or other laser set-ups.

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Isolation technology

Halcyonics control technology based on piezoelectric type acceleration pickup,
fast signal processing and electro-dynamic force transducers.

Environmental and operational requirements 

  • Electrical voltage: 100 – 250 V / 47 – 63 Hz
  • Power consumption: Typically 10 – 20 W; max. 50 W
  • Operating temperature: 15 – 40 °C / 59 – 104 °F
  • Relative humidity: 0 – 60 %
  • Operating altitude: < 2,500 m / 8,100 ft
  • Thermoplastic Printhead (250 °C)
  • Photocuring Toolhead : 365, 405, 450, 480, 520 nm
  • HD Camera Toolhead