Cryostat Minux FS800A

Minux FS800A is a device used to obtain frozen scraps. Thanks to the fully automated, user-friendly operating system, it gives you the confidence to continuously

Quantum X bio

NANOSCRIBE’s Quantum X bio is the first of its kind to enable submicron printing resolution and raises the bar for high-precision 3D bioprinting. With two-photon


The BIONOVA X bioprinter is the first highly efficient 3D printer that allows you to print live cells directly onto culture plates, with high resolution in light-based 3D bio-printing.

Cellink Bio X6

Cellink’s BIO X6 is a standalone 3D bioprinter that features six slots for interchangeable smart print heads. The six-head 3D bioprinting system enables multiple materials,


Bio X by Cellink is a versatile, stand-alone 3D bioprinter equipped with 3 interchangeable printheads designed to use a wide range of bioinks and biomaterials.