Dragonfly Confocal Imaging System

Dragonfly is a high-contrast multi-dimensional imaging platform capable of four key imaging modalities. With its high speed and low phototoxicity and photobleaching, it is optimal

iKon CCD Microscope Cameras

The iKon CCD cameras are designed to provide superior sensitivity during long exposure times, making them ideal detectors for low-light luminescence detection. In addition, thanks

sCMOS Microscope Cameras

sCMOS Microscope Cameras radically upgrade the performance of your fluorescence microscope. Large portfolio of multi-megapixel sCMOS cameras offer large field of view and high resolution

iXon EMCCD Microscope Cameras

EMCCD cameras provide superior sensitivity combined with speed. All backside illumination models offer single photon sensitivity and QE > 95%. The iXon is the suggested

Cargille Immersion Oils

Cargille Laboratories is a producer of the most advanced immersion oils on the microscopy market. To this day, Cargille Laboratories products are accepted and recommended


The Ultimate Benchtop Confocal Microscope. With no requirement for a darkroom, researchers can access confocal technology on the same bench as their samples.

INSPECTIS digital microscopes

INSPECTIS digital microscopes are characterized by high work ergonomics, precise design and a wide range of working distances. Working in a comfortable position allows you to perform the assigned tasks more efficiently.

ONI Nanoimager

The ONI Nanoimager microscope is a desktop super-resolution microscope that provides the possibilities of such techniques as dSTORM, PALM or smFRET in one compact device.


CYTENA Cellcyte X is a microscope scanner adapted to continuous operation under incubation conditions. Thanks to its “open-deck” design, it provides convenient access to the


The Nanolive holotomographic microscope allows for continuous and three-dimensional imaging of biological materials at a resolution exceeding the diffraction limits without any staining or sample