PE-25 Plasma Surface Modification System

PE-25 is an excellent solution for R&D departments of manufacturing facilities, research laboratories and production companies looking for a simple plasma system. Plasma surface modification

Plasma System ULS

ULS technology is a plasma treatment at atmospheric pressure, which combines surface activation and outstanding cleaning, effective on many different materials. Two versions of ULS

Piezobrush PZ3

Piezobrush PZ3 is the world‘s smallest plasma handheld device with PDD® technology. It has been developed as a compact plasma handheld device for use in

qEV Isolation Columns

Size exclusion chromatography means separation of molecules and particles by size as they pass through a column consisting of porous resin particles. By harnessing principles

AFC Automatic Fraction Collector

An enhancement to the qEV platform, the AFC allows for fast, precise, automated isolation of EVs. Rapid, clean isolation of extracellular vesicles, no longer labour