Who are we?

We are a research and development company that can earn for itself. Thanks to the skilful combination of an extensive sales department and a qualified research team, we are able to provide the latest technological solutions from around the world and produce completely new, breakthrough manufacturing methods. We grow in strength from year to year.

We want our inventions to effectively change the world.

We use our knowledge, experience and resources to create a positive change in the world in four main areas:


Power Engineering

We are working on new methods of energy storage, which are a necessity in the time of the global climate crisis, which requires an increase in the percentage of renewable sources of energy use.



We want to create a world where we will never run out of organs for transplantation, and where no animals will have to die in the name of science. Let’s bioprint organs and create bionic models for drug testing.


We focus on activities aimed at increasing the presence of nanotechnological achievements in everyday life.

New additive technologies

We create cutting-edge solutions that elevate 3D printing to a completely new level of technological development. We put successive layers enabling scientific achievements on a global scale.

We are part of:

We, the people behind Sygnis, are physicists, mechatronic technicians, chemists, biotechnologists, engineers, 3D printing specialists, designers, sociologists, artists, lathe-operators, electrical engineers. Interdisciplinarity and intellectual hyperactivity lead us towards new fields of knowledge and technology that we try to discover every day.
Fot. M. Starowieyska

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