C.WASH-Non-contact plate washer and liquid dyspenser

Increase your workflow with a faster processing time C.WASH is innovative plate washer designed for automated, rapid and highly reproducible washing of the entire 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates.​

The C.WASH uses centrifugal forces to remove liquids from well plates without needles or pipette tips. Because of these unique properties, C.WASH is the perfect solution for cell-based assays and bead-based nucleic acid purification.

The C.WASH offers a fast and automated liquid removal from entire 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates in seconds.


  • Immunoassays

ELISAs are very sensitive immunoassays, therefore cross contamination and/or pipetting inaccuracies may result in high coefficient of variation (CV). The accurate non-contact dispensing limits both cross-contamination and therefore reduce CV. Moreover, the lower residual volume after washing enables a better washing efficiency and reduces the number of washes.

  • Cell-based assays

C.WASH automates all the washing and dispensing steps in a typical screening workflow, making it an essential device for drug discovery or gene editing in HTS environments.

  • DNA purification

Using beads to clean up DNA has become the gold standard for NGS library preparation. Although it is a quick and easy method, the reduced cost for high throughput sequencing and the popularity of single cell sequencing have considerably increased the sample to be processed. The C.WASH can automate this workflow in both 96 and 384 microplates, thank to our compatible Magnetic plate carriers.


  • Non-contact washing

Avoid carryover and cross-contamination thanks to non-contact dispensing and liquid removal

  • Supports multiple plate sizes

Versatile instrument capable of gently removing liquid from any SBS format, 96- 384- 1536-well plates.

  • Low residual volume

Unmatched washing efficiency with residual volumes <0.1µl, reduces the number of washing cycles required.

  • DNA purification

Fully automated and stand alone operation, 1 wash cycle in 96- or 384-well plate <1 min

  • Fast and automated

Faster NGS library preparation thanks to magnetic plate carriers​.

The C.WASH software was designed with ease of use in mind, and its automation saves valuable time. With an intuitive design and quick access tabs, the C.WASH ensures that you are as efficient as possible.

Technical specifications:

Julia Radosz
Junior Sales Specialist
Julia Radosz
Junior Sales Specialist