CleanBench™ is the next generation of a standard 63 series lab tables. TMC’s vibration isolation lab tables lead the industry in performance and are ideal for a wide variety of applications including AFM, Confocal Microscopy, IVF, Patch-Clamp, Interferometry, and Metrology. CleanBench incorporates TMC’s unique Gimbal Piston Vibration Isolators and a tabletop with enhanced performance and features.


  • Greater stability, especially for small size tables. The low profile, high density tops lower the overall floating center-of-mass ensuring inherently stability, even for relatively top-heavy payloads.
  • Guided thread lead-ins to align screws with tapped holes. The “bevel” shape eases engagement of the first thread.
  • Ergonomics optimized for the seated user by minimizing the thickness of the table-top.

2 types of surface

Accessories available:

  • Retractable castor wheels
  • Adjustable arm pads
  • White laminated sliding shelves
  • TMC valves for precise height adjustment
  • Faraday cage
  • Adjustable front steel support
  • Adjustable rear steel support

Technical Specifications:

Isolation efficiency 5 HzVertical: 70 – 85%
Horizontal: 75 – 90%
Isolation efficiency 10 HzVertical: 90 – 97%
Horizontal: 90 – 97%
Recommended payload, kg160
Facilities required80 psi (5,4 bar) nitrogen or air
Stanisław Gołębiewski
Application Engineer
Stanisław Gołębiewski
Application Engineer