EXOID Nanoparticle Analyser

Rapid and simple multi-parameter analysis of bio-nanoparticles using TRPS measurement.

The Exoid calculates individual particle size, concentration, and zeta potential rapidly and simultaneously by measuring impedance across the pore 64,000 times per second. This ensures that every particle is detected and enables high-resolution measurements which provide a true insight into the nature of your sample.

Analysis using The Exoid:

  • suitable for particles as small as 40 nm in diameter
  • suitable for extracellular vesicles, monoclonal antibodies, lipoprotein particles, viruses, virus-like particles, exosomes
  • enables a multi-parameter analysis of up to four subpopulations of heterogenous biological samples
  • requires minimal sample preparation
  • obtained data is reproducible and comparable, suitable for regulatory purposes
  • real-time measurement

Key Benefits:

  • High precision
  • Get accurate data in real time
  • High-resolution multi-parameter analysis
  • Ease of creating protocols
Julia Radosz
Junior Sales Specialist
Julia Radosz
Junior Sales Specialist