Cellink’s INKREDIBLE+ is the first laboratory 3D bioprinter with the ability to sterilise its internal print chamber, enabling bioprinting directly on the lab benchtop. Two heated integrated printheads allow the use of a wide range of materials to create complex 3D constructs.

With two pneumatic printheads that can be heated up to 130°C, Clean Chamber technology to maintain sterility, and two crosslinking LED diodes (365 and 405 nm), INKREDIBLE+ is a reliable tool for 3D bioprinting of complex tissue constructs.

Technical specifications:

Outer dimensions (L*W*H), mm 370×330×430
Weight, kg15
Build Volume, mm 130×80×100 
Build surface compatibilityMulti-well plates, petri dish, glass slides
Resolution XY, μm10
Layer Resolution, μm 100
Pressure range (external air supply), kPa5-400
No. of printhead slots2
Photocuring sources (built-in), nm365 oraz 405
Printbed temperature range, °Croom temperature
Printhead temperature range, °Croom temperature – 130
Filter class, chamber air-flowHEPA 13
Calibration Optionsmanual
User InterfaceDisplay, Desktop Application
Desktop OS compatibilityWindows, Mac OS
Connectivitykarta SD, USB B
Supported file formats, software.gcode (.stl, .obj with software)
Julia Radosz
Junior Sales Specialist
Julia Radosz
Junior Sales Specialist