Measurement Platform MP-2

The MP-2 is a portable meter with unique selection of transient thermal conductivity sensors for a variety of applications, with a focus on primary measurements. It  auto-detects the connected sensor and loads corresponding testing parameters. Measurements are easily performed with the smart on-board software and transferred to computer with an included Windows utility program.


  • TPS-4 for testing the thermal conductivity of solids, powders and paste.

MaterialsPolymers and Composites
Measurement Capabilities0.03 to 5 W/m•K
Measurement Time10 and 20 seconds
Temperature Range10 to 40°C
Sensor Diameter12.8 mm Diameter
  • THW-L3 and THW-S for the accurate measurement of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat capacity of liquids, pastes, and powders.

MaterialsLiquids, Pastes, and PowdersInsulation and Soft Materials
Thermal Conductivity0.01 to 1 W/m•K0.01 to 2 W/m•K
Measurement Time1 second< 5 seconds
Minimum Sample Size15 mL50 mm x 10 mm
Largest Sample SizeUnlimitedUnlimited

  • TLS to measure thermal conductivity and thermal resistivity of a variety of samples, including soil, rocks and concrete.

TLS 50mmTLS 100mmTLS 150mmTLS 100mm vCp
MaterialsConcrete, Rock, and PolymersSoils, Pastes, Powders, and SolidsSoils, Pastes, Powders, and SolidsSoils, Pastes, Powders, and Solids
Thermal Conductivity, W/m•K0.3 to 50.1 to 50.1 to 3 0.1 to 5
Thermal Resistivity, mK/W0.2 to 3.30.2 to 10 0.3 to 10 
Temperature Range-40 to 100°C-40 to 100°C-40 to 100°C-40 to 100°C
Accuracy± 5%± 5%± 5%± 10%
  • TPS-EFF for testing the sensor of coolness or warmth of fabrics and textiles.

MaterialsTextiles, Fabrics, and Solids
Thermal Effusivity Range35 to 1700 W√s/m2K
Measurement Time2 and 10 seconds
Temperature Range-10 to 50°C
Moisture Range0 to 90% 
Stanisław Gołębiewski
Application Engineer
Stanisław Gołębiewski
Application Engineer