Author’s design of a tourniquet on its way to the Eastern Front

The problem with the availability of tourniquets on the market prompted us to analyze the tourniquet manufacturing process from scratch and create a unique proposal. As a result, in less than 2 months we created a product that others had been trying to create for years – a proprietary, fully functional 3D printed tourniquet.

The project is part of the Tech Against Tanks initiative, in which we have created a rapid emergency response group able to provide essential software and hardware solutions. Friendly 3D printing companies have joined forces to work under time pressure to respond directly to requests from citizens in need.

Tourniquet design

The solution was developed in consultation with Polish and Ukrainian combat-experienced paramedics, IRCC field medics, battlefield medicine instructors, as well as the UAM Center for Advanced Technologies. Tourniquets save lives, so we subjected the project to rigorous testing and in-depth verification by medical and military professionals.

It took us only two months to prepare the prototype. The final version of the prototype underwent laboratory material tests, pressure distribution tests and aging chamber tests. Based on these tests we are preparing a scientific publication documenting their results. At this point, we are working on certifying the project.

The full project is available at: