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Sygnis Bio Technologies creates and provides tools that define new prospects for the development of biology and medicine.
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Cellink’s INKREDIBLE+ is the first laboratory 3D bioprinter with the ability to sterilise its internal print chamber, enabling bioprinting directly on the lab benchtop. Two

Cellink Bio X6

Cellink’s BIO X6 is a standalone 3D bioprinter that features six slots for interchangeable smart print heads. The six-head 3D bioprinting system enables multiple materials,

Cellink Lumen X+

Lumen X+™ is the first digital light processing (DLP) 3D printer specifically designed for the bioprinting of macroporous scaffolds or microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices. Offering the


Bio X by Cellink is a versatile, stand-alone 3D bioprinter equipped with 3 interchangeable printheads designed to use a wide range of bioinks and biomaterials.

F.SIGHT 2.0         

The fastest single-cell dispenser with fluorescent sorting.
The F.SIGH dispenses both unlabeled and fluorescent cells with the highest efficiency.


Label-free single-cell isolation of bacteria and other microorganisms, leverages brightfield imaging to isolate single bacteria from suspension samples.

Alveole Primo

Photopatterning platform that improves the quality of the cell sample preparation for cell biology & cryo-ET.

W8 Physical Cytometer

The W8 Physical Cytometer is the only fully automated instrument for the physical characterization and sorting of 3D sphere-like biological samples. It covers the range


Microfluidic single-cell dispenser with fluorescent sorting.


Advanced cell sorter, dedicated to cloning and derivation of cell lines.

I.DOT MINI Liquid Dispenser

This lightweight liquid handler uses a single positive pressure channel to generate droplets as small as 8 nanoliters through an orifice in the well and can produce up to 100 droplets per second.

I.DOT Liquid Dispenser

The I.DOT has a patented drop detection system which uses eight individually controlled positive pressure channels to generate droplets from 8 to 50 nanoliters from a small hole at the bottom of each well.

qEV Isolation Columns

Size exclusion chromatography means separation of molecules and particles by size as they pass through a column consisting of porous resin particles. By harnessing principles

AFC Automatic Fraction Collector

An enhancement to the qEV platform, the AFC allows for fast, precise, automated isolation of EVs. Rapid, clean isolation of extracellular vesicles, no longer labour

EXOID Nanoparticle Analyser

Rapid and simple multi-parameter analysis of bio-nanoparticles using TRPS measurement. The Exoid calculates individual particle size, concentration, and zeta potential rapidly and simultaneously by measuring