We connect the dots of biotechnology to form a coherent image of the future.

We are one of the few specialists in Poland involved in 3D bioprinting and delivering cutting-edge solutions in the field of tissue engineering, omics, holotomography and advanced microscopy. Devices belonging to the Sygnis Bio Technologies portfolio can be used in laboratories, research institutes, universities and clinics. The projects we are working on have a groundbreaking impact on medicine.​

Our goal is to enable 3D bioprinting of organs for transplantation and the elimination of animals from drug testing. We will replace them with 3D bioprinted tissues.

The future in which biotechnological solutions are in daily use and close to the patients is our dream. Bioprinted corneas, skin, fragments of tracheas and veins, and even entire organs are created thanks to those solutions. We are facing a future in which transplantology, immunology, oncology, and futuristic ideas straight from science-fiction series are no longer unsurpassed utopias.

We work in the following areas

3D bioprinting


3D cell culture



AI Image Analysis

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