C.bird microbioreactor

The C.BIRD™ is a high throughput microbioreactor for parallel cultivations in 96-/24-well plates, bringing production bioreactors environments into 150-800 µL microbioreactor scale.

It enables early identification of the highest producing and most stable clones in order to reduce later passaging steps and efforts of current scaling-up process.The system screens and monitors valuable cell culture parameters for hundreds of cell lines from the earliest stages, helping scientists define the best clones sooner.

Optimize cell culture environments in 96-/24-well plates:

  • lncrease oxygen transfer rate (OTR) for both adherent cells and suspension cells.
  • Bring cells into suspension culture (only for suspension cells).
  • Continuous mixing for homogenous media composition.
  • Low shear rate mixing to reduce stress on cell lines.
Karolina Sobeczek
Application Engineer