BINDER Drying and heating chambers

BINDER drying chambers with natural convection or forced convection are renowned for their high quality and reliability.

Thanks to their extensive redevelopment, these all-rounders are now even more firmly focused on addressing the requirements involved in drying or heating samples. What’s more, in addition to the best energy efficiency on the market and convenient operation, the latest APT.line™ technology offers outstanding temperature accuracy to give this new generation of incubators real appeal.

Series E – Drying and heating chambers with mechanical adjustment

With the BINDER E-series dryer, the customer receives a reliable and efficient device with well-kept equipment at a very attractive price. It can be successfully used in scientific research, as well as in human and veterinary medicine.

Series ED – Drying and heating chambers with natural convection

The strength of the BINDER series ED dryers are the routine tasks associated with drying and sterilization at temperatures up to 300 ° C. Thanks to the use of natural convection, the course of all thermal processes in this dryer is characterized by the highest efficiency. The ED series devices therefore enable quick and even drying.

Series FD – Drying and heating chambers with forced convection

The BINDER FD series dryer is used precisely when particularly rapid drying and sterilization progress are required. Thanks to its fully homogeneous temperature distribution, fast dynamics and a powerful fan, this dryer helps you save valuable time.

Series FED – Drying and heating chambers with forced convection and enhanced timer functions

The BINDER temperature chamber from the FED series offers almost unlimited performance options and is particularly adaptable. Thanks to the extended timer functions and the adjustable fan, you can perfectly control the temperature and convection conditions.

Series FP – Drying and heating chambers with forced convection

The BINDER material testing chamber of the FP series reliably ensures short drying times and particularly fast heating – even when fully loaded.

Series M – Drying and heating chambers with forced convection and advanced program functions

With a maximum temperature of 300 ° C and versatile programming options, the M-series material test chambers are ideal for material testing as well as aging testing. The high air throughput provided by an efficient fan enables quick heating.

Model M 240
Stanisław Gołębiewski
Application Engineer
Stanisław Gołębiewski
Application Engineer