Bio X by Cellink is a versatile, stand-alone 3D bioprinter equipped with 3 interchangeable printheads designed to use a wide range of bioinks and biomaterials. Bio X features a complete system of uncompromised cleanliness and a simple user-oriented interface designed for your convenience.

With interchangeable print heads, it is possible to conveniently configure the bioprinter for any advanced 3D bioprinting project and print up with to three materials simultaneously. Bio X provides access to all standard 3D bioprinting techniques. Available print heads include pneumatic, syringe, thermoplastic, and inkjet.

With its integrated air supply, cooling system, built-in compressor and touch screen, the Bio X is a completely self-contained unit, operating without the need to connect to any external equipment.

It is a versatile instrument for the research in:

  • cell culture
  • tissue engineering
  • organ-on-chip development
  • drug delivery and screening methods
  • creation of new biomaterials
  • soft robotics

Technical specifications:

Outer dimensions (L*W*H), mm 477x441x365 
Weight, kg18
Build Volume, mm 130 x 90 x 70 mm
Build surface compatibility Multi-well plates, petridishes, glass slides 
Resolution XY, μm 
Layer Resolution, μm  
Pressure range (internal pump), kPa 0-200 
Pressure range (external air supply), kPa 0-700 
No. of printhead slots 
Photocuring sources (built-in), nm 365, 405, 485, 520
Printbed temperature range, °C 4-65
Printhead temperature range, °C 4-250 (printhead specific) 
Filter class, chamber air-flow HEPA 14 
UV-sterilization UV-C (275nm), 20mW output 
Calibration Options Manual and Automatic  
User Interface Integrated Display, DNA Studio 
DNA Studio OS compatibility Windows
Connectivity USB Storage, Ethernet connection 
Supported file formats, software .gcode, .stl
Julia Radosz
Junior Sales Specialist
Julia Radosz
Junior Sales Specialist