Cryostat Minux FS800A

Minux FS800A is a device used to obtain frozen scraps. Thanks to the fully automated, user-friendly operating system, it gives you the confidence to continuously produce repeatable, thin frozen samples.

Four automatic slicing modes can meet the needs of slicing various types of tissue, and the advanced temperature control system, compressor and cooling system guarantee a stable temperature. Advanced low-temperature UVC disinfection ensures effective killing of bacteria and viruses to reduce the risk of sample contamination.

The Cryostat Minux FS800A is an excellent device for biological, neuroanatomical and pharmaceutical research.

Key benefits:

  • High cutting speed
  • High accuracy provided by a precise sampling system
  • Quick positioning make it easy to adjust the specimen clamp to the target angle, reducing trimming and sample waste
  • Easy-to-use
  • Waste liquid management system

Technical Specifications:

Section thickness setting range, µm0,50 – 100
Trimming section thickness setting range, µm1 – 800
Electric sectioning speed, µm0-1800 adjustable
Freezer refrigeration temperature, ℃0~-35
Sample head minimum cooling temperature, ℃-50
Stanisław Gołębiewski
Application Engineer
Stanisław Gołębiewski
Application Engineer