I.DOT MINI Liquid Dispenser

This lightweight liquid handler uses a single positive pressure channel to generate droplets as small as 8 nanoliters through an orifice in the well and can produce up to 100 droplets per second.


  • Compound dispensing-dispenses small molecules in aqueous solutions or dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)
  • Assay development-dispenses small molecules, nucleic acids, drugs, etc. in a multiplexed manner and in direct dilution steps. Ideal for designing individual experiments
  • Genomics and proteomics-leverages miniaturization, low-volume dispensing and low dead volume to efficiently dispense for NGS prep, PCR, extraction and clean-ups
  • Cell dispensing-reproducibly dispense anything from cells in suspension to organoids, while maintaining high cell viability

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate cross-over and contamination. The technology enables droplets to be dispensed into the target plate below the source plate. I.DOT MINI eliminates carryover and cross-contamination.
  • Flexible. Rapidly dispense into any SBS target plate, including 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates and deep well plates
  • Large dynamic range. Dispenses 8 nl to 500,000 nl if a single source liquid at a time.
  • Speed. Dispense 10 nanoliters across a 96-well plate in 10 seconds and across a 384-well plate in 20 seconds for 50nl
  • Touch screen, user-friendly software.
Aysia Khan
Application Engineer
Aysia Khan
Application Engineer