iXon EMCCD Microscope Cameras

EMCCD cameras provide superior sensitivity combined with speed. All backside illumination models offer single photon sensitivity and QE > 95%. The iXon is the suggested platform for a range of light-scarce microscopy applications, and the “897” model boasts far more laboratory installations than any other EMCCD in the world. They are available with the new SRRF-Stream+ super-resolution technology.

IXON Ultra

iXon Ultra has been long recognised as the highest performance, most versatile solution for the most demanding of light starved applications. Available for both physical and life science applications, iXon Ultra delivers unbeatable flexibility and functionality, offering market leading TE cooling, ‘2-in-1’ EMCCD and CCD readout modes and a host of other high-end functionality.


iXon Life EMCCD platform is available exclusively for fluorescence microscopy applications and is engineered to deliver single photon sensitivity. iXon Life is perfect for single molecule detection and live cell microscopy with minimized phototoxicity or photobleaching.

EMCCD Camera Applications:

  • Super-resolution microscopy
  • Single Molecule Detection
  • Ion Imaging and Cell Motility
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Bioluminescence Microscopy
Karolina Sobeczek
Application Engineer
Karolina Sobeczek
Application Engineer