PE-25 is an excellent solution for R&D departments of manufacturing facilities, research laboratories and production companies looking for a simple plasma system. Plasma surface modification for cleaning, etching or full etching is particularly applicable to processes such as bonding, printing, and increasing surface absorption capacity.

PlasmaEtch systems can be applied to practically all materials. The company manufactures complete product lines dedicated to laboratory, R&D and production applications.

The main advantage of plasma’s effect on the surface is the removal of organic contaminants and the increase in surface energy.

PE-25 Venus is a fully automated system with the ability to manage the process from a computer. The system is equipped with electronic gas valves to maintain high precision gas flow control. It allows not only automated process operation, but also the creation, editing and saving of formulas and management of multi-step processes.

The model PE-50 is also available with substrate/sample size: 101.5 x 152.0 mm.

Technical Specification:

Vacuum chamber6061 T-6 AL
diameter: 125.00 mm
Electrode ConfigurationOne Horizontal (3.5″Wx7″D + 2.5″ Clearance)
Generator150 W x 50 KHz RF Power Supply
Vacuum Gauge1-2000 mT
Control SystemPLC-Based Keypad Input System with Alphanumeric Display
Unit Dimensions, (WxDxH)360.0 x 360.0 x 460.0 mm
Unit Weight25 kg
Stanisław Gołębiewski
Application Engineer
Stanisław Gołębiewski
Application Engineer