RWD Inhalation Anesthesia Systems

RWD inhalation anesthesia systems for animals provide safe, simple and controlled anesthesia of small animals, e.g. rodents, as well as larger animals, including dogs, cats, pigs, monkeys, reptiles, birds, etc. for the experiment. Multifunctional animal anesthesia systems are equipped with a gas recovery system to ensure a safe experimental environment and maximize operator protection.

The exchange of different types of anesthesia machines and masks satisfies the needs of various animal experiments, including cerebral ischemia and myocardial ischemia model, osteoporosis model, tail vein injection, abdominal aortic blood sampling, heart blood sampling.

In addition, the combination of an animal ventilator with an anesthesia system can meet the demands of long operations or operations on animals suffering from certain diseases for example cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease.

The unique stereotaxic frame nasoconical masks are very useful in neuroscience, designed to connect the anesthetic system and the stereotaxic localization system. This solution allows for better modeling of neurological diseases, precise injection of substances into the brain and nerve stimulation.

Key benefits:

  • Stable and safe anesthesia, suitable for many animal species
  • Quick and smooth induction and recovery, controllable anesthetic depth
  • Minimal physiological disruptions on the animals
  • High efficiency gas evacuation system preventing the researchers from exposure to anesthesia gas
  • Ease of use

Accessories: anesthesia machine, anesthesia induction chamber, multi-parameter veterinary monitor
Karolina Sobeczek
Application Engineer
Karolina Sobeczek
Application Engineer