The LASU (Laser Applied Stimulation and Uncaging) is a cutting-edge system for optogenetics, uncaging or other photostimulation experiments.


  • The accurate and repeatable laser spot positioning enables fast experimental manipulation of samples
  • The LASU system fits directly onto the Scientifica upright SliceScope microscope making it an easy upgrade to existing rigs
  • This method maximises light efficiency and is ideal if you wish to move your sample relative to the microscope
  • Usage of galvanometer scanning mirrors for fast, accurate and repeatable laser spot positioning
  • Spot positioning, laser power and pulse frequency can be manipulated through the clear graphical interface of LASU’s software

LASU is able to deliver multiple laser wavelengths with a spot smaller than 2 microns (depending on the objective used), with laser wavelengths available: 473nm, 561nm, 405nm. This provides greater experimental control than ‘full field’ stimulation. Lasu is also controlled entirely through its own software which includes a wide range of easy to use functions allowing for instant ‘out of the box’ use, for example it gives you the ability  to select points or areas of interest giving you control of what you stimulate and choice of scanning patterns and flexible stimulation protocols.

Technical Specification:

Laser wavelengths, nm405, 473, ±2 nm and 561 ±5 nm
Min Pulse length, mS<1
GalvanometersCambridge technology 6215H
with 3mm x and y
Covered Field of viewApproximately 1650 μm with a 4x objective
Step response time~130 μS for minimum deflection angle
Karolina Sobeczek
Application Engineer
Karolina Sobeczek
Application Engineer