VistaScope is a microscope that allows simultaneous photostimulation and multiphoton imaging on a micro and meso scale. It allows for accurate, clean imaging of large brain areas while not sacrificing image accuracy.

Two identical scan paths for photostimulation and imaging allows you to image and stimulate using different wavelengths. Thanks to colour correction performing imaging and stimulation at the precise region of interest in your sample is easier than ever before.

The VistaScope’s design results in an evenly illuminated field of view – the lack of dark edges allows the collection of higher quality data and saves time when locating an area of interest.

Field of view of the Scientifica VistaScope compared to its closed competitor and the current de facto industry standard FN22.

Leverage both the wide scan range of galvo scanners and the fast scan speeds of resonant scanners by using them together in mROI imaging, for fast imaging over a large field of view. You have the ability to carry out a range of imaging experiments on a single microscope.

Key benefits:

  • Even illumination
  • Perform simultaneous photostimulation and imaging, regardless of wavelength
  • High imaging speed
  • Upgradable design to customize the unit to meet specific requirements
  • Versatility of applications
Karolina Sobeczek
Application Engineer
Karolina Sobeczek
Application Engineer