Polish 3D printed straws introduced to the world for the first time

A Polish brand is the first to offer eco-friendly 3D printed straws and other accessories for the HoReCa sector.

The way we consume, the look and weight of a plate the meal is served on, the level of music and even the colour of light in the room we dine, nearly everything can influence the dining experience. Drawing from the scientific research and personal experiences, Thirsty Pleasure was launched, aiming to take the table celebrations to the next level.

Food for thoughts

The brand is a successful cooperation between Sygnis New Technologies, a leader of the additive technologies on the Polish market and Pawel Kaluzny, a gastrophysicist and an independent expert of the HoReCa sector, founder of kaluzny.co and Guest Experience Think Tank.

Thirsty Pleasure offers personalised accessories manufactured from eco-friendly filaments in the cutting edge technologies, such as 3D printing. The brand was launched in the mid of 2019 and has already attracted business partners around the world.

As a luxurious brand Thirsty Pleasure addresses its products to the HoReCa premium sector (the best hotels, restaurants, cocktailbars). Thanks to the rapid prototyping method, the brand can easily produce limited edition goods of complex geometry, virtually in no time, adding a great value to the whole service process.

Eco-friendly luxury

European Parliament has banned single-use plastics, setting a clear direction for the HoReCa sector future. Thirsty Pleasure aims to provide its customers with amazing food-driven experiences, keeping the environment safe. Thirsty Pleasure’s core product is a 3D printed, biodegradable, reusable straw. Personalised with logo, they are available in the vast range of colours and forms.

The other innovative and unique product is a biodegradable glass adapter. They are easy to use, performing good value for the price ratio, reusable and tailored to the customer needs. They enhance the drinking experience and amaze guests.

Moreover, Thirsty Pleasure offers custom made, limited edition ceramic and metal accessories. Photo: ceramic Art Deco plate made from a 3D printed cast. Thirsty Pleasure’s designs by award-winning Maciej Głowacki.

Article by Adrianna Bykowska.