Help for additive technologies community from Lviv

Since the first days of Russia’s unjustified and unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, we have been offering our assistance to a wide variety of communities in Ukraine. We support a thriving additive technologies community in Ukraine, who at this moment are printing projects for the Ukrainian military and need help. For them, we have provided a dozen machines and 3D printing materials.

Lviv-based additive technology company 3D Tech ADDtive asked Sygnis for help.

We immediately responded to this request

We purchased a bus which we filled with 20 3D printers and over 380 kg of 3D printing materials. We also added medical supplies, food and clothing. The bus set off from Warsaw to Lviv on Friday, March 4, at about 12:00 p.m. All items were donated free of charge to help Ukraine.

Destination: Lviv

The bus arrived safely in Lviv, where 3D printers and filaments were immediately sent to Lviv makers. The company 3D Tech ADDtive twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week performs projects for the Ukrainian military, and also produces the most necessary items for the Territorial Defense Forces and civilians.

Military and civilian projects

Our 3D printers have added to the machinery of Lviv’s 3D printers, who produce items such as CAT tourniquets, street periscopes, and proprietary designs for the Ukrainian military.

We, too, in Warsaw, are producing projects that are in demand across our eastern border. After consultations with the Territorial Defense Forces, 3D printers from Lviv and Kiev, as well as talks with doctors and specialists involved in humanitarian aid, our machine park produces designs that we will supply to Ukraine.

You can help too!

If you are wondering how you can help – join our initiative:

We have created an online repository with 3D models that were selected based on consultations with the Ukrainian military, doctors, services and civilians. All 3D models are available to download for free.

Our initiative is part of a larger campaign called “Tech Against Tanks”, where we are using our expertise and technology background together with other companies and associations to help those in need in conflict areas. As part of this collaboration, we have launched an Open Call for all designers, 3D printers, but also for people who just have an idea how to help.

Feel free to contact us: