#dokarmiam, or a unique competition summary of the winter season!

The first glimpse of spring surprised us just how winter time surprises drivers, so we decided that it is high time to summarize the frosty period in the life of birds and show the initiatives created by you! Ptaki Polskie (Polish Birds) with Sygnis New Technologies are starting an educational campaign combined with a competition in which anyone who cares about the fate of our volatile neighbours can take part.

 TL; DR – details of the competition are at the end of the article!

We feed – we educate

This is the result of an unusual collaboration of people from different disciplines who have shared common goals. The Polish Birds Association has been caring for the quality of birdlife in Poland for many years. They suggest how to feed, how to care for our immediate environment and its often unnoticed, winged inhabitants. However, with the development of new technologies, there are more and more threats to the ecosystem. Is there room for pro-ecological activities in the area of new technologies and the upcoming industry 4.0?

photo of birds in winter season on the sygnis article about bird feeding and cooperation with Ptaki Polskie
Source: Magdalena Misiura

Along with the increase of technological possibilities, there are also new ways of adapting innovative solutions to old problems. Usually, when we talk about 3D printing, we discuss implementation operations for companies to increase the efficiency of machines. Sometimes we hear about the benefits of 3D printing in medical applications. One thing is certain – technology changes everyday life – from a global scale to individual local, bottom-up activities. Over the next week, we will take the time to look at the latter.

How to participate in the competition?

On the occasion of the slowly ending winter season, together with Ptaki Polskie (Polish Birds), we are starting a summary of the bird feeding campaign! We are starting a unique competition in which you will be able to win a practical, designed for photography enthusiasts, environmentally friendly 3D-printed feeder!

All you have to do is show off on Facebook photos of your feeders, boxes and other ideas that you have implemented this winter to help the birds survive. Upload photos of your own initiatives and tag them with the hashtag #dokarmiam, and we will select the most interesting ones and reward them. The competition runs until February 28.

Bird Feeder printed in 3D printed by Sygnis New Technologies
3d printed bird feeder printed by sygnis new technologies for a competition IFeed

All feeders are made using the 3D printing technique of PLA material – 100% biodegradable cornmeal obtained from natural raw materials. They were created in cooperation with the authors of the project, the PrintedNest association, whose projects you can find all over Europe! We cooperate with heavy industry companies on a daily basis, but we also support local initiatives, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Within the next week, we will also tell you how to properly feed the birds and what should be categorically avoided in this matter. You will also find some ornithological tips and more info about the initiatives at the intersection of new technologies and pro-ecological topics. Stay with us!