We bring nanotechnologies closer to everyday life

The idea behind Sygnis Nano Technologies is to bring nanotechnological solutions up to the moment of usefulness in everyday life. By using truly breakthrough technologies in the field of analysis and manufacturing in the nano and micro scale, we are able to deliver highly advanced systems and develop their applications in more and more research areas.
We cooperate with the largest research centers in Poland and Europe
We bring the best and most promising modern research technologies to Poland, such as fabrication of metamaterials, two-photon polymerization (2pp) and ultra-high vacuum systems. Thanks to our equipment, numerous research groups can create phenomenal nanotechnologies, which we often suport in commercialization to make them as widely available as possible.

We are working in the following areas


SPM microscopy

UHV (Ultra-High Vacuum)


Surface analysis

SEM microscopy

Sygnis Nano Technologies is a distributor of: