Femtika Nanofactory is a customizable workstation fusing together additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques. Microfabrication process in this system combines such highly demanded methods as 2PP two-photon polymerization, laser ablation and SLE selective laser etching. It is possible to 3D print micro- and nano-parts from the wide variety of materials (polymers, glass, metals, ceramics, etc.).

Specialized 3DPoli software gives you full control of the device, allowing both manual operation as well as execution of user-defined scripts. The whole system is modular and could be modified according to customer specifications, for example, it’s possible to choose a laser type suitable for specific material, attach the optic fiber holders or integrate whole workstation with an automatic production line.

The ultra-precise positioning stages controlled by galvano-scanner allow for 3D printing in an extremely fine resolution below 0.2 μm (200 nm) with working area of 160 x 160 mm without stitching artifacts.

Giorgi Tchutchulashvili
Application Engineer