Modern additive technologies

We provide various machines and systems working in the field of additive technologies for industry, business and science.

FlashForge Hunter DLP

It enables the creation of objects in DLP technology, using the process of photopolymerisation of photosensitive resins, which allows for precise reproduction of detail.

FlashForge Neon Letter AD1

Professional 3D printer Sygnis FlashForge Neon Letter AD1 designed to print neon letters used in signs and advertising logos.

FlashForge Guider IIS

Developed for the needs of the scientific and manufacturing sectors. Material openness and expert mode enable easy operation.

3devo Composer

The 3devo Composer filament maker extruder is an intuitive device for creating your own professional materials

3devo Precision

he Precision model leads the industry in extrusion quality for consumer materials