Transforming your company to meet
the Industry 4.0 standards

Comprehensive technological consulting

We will analyze your idea or advise which technology is best suited to a given project. In order to protect your interests, we will sign an NDA agreement to protect your company’s intellectual property.

Almost every production company has computer hardware and software for technical design and people who operate industrial equipment related to this process. Of course, there may be a lack of competence in operating a 3D printer, but after proper training, it only takes a few clicks to be able to 3D print something on them. There is no need to write the entire programme. Transferring a model to a CNC machine sometimes takes several hours, and transferring a three-dimensional model to a 3D printer takes only three minutes.

Start optimizing your business!
Start optimizing your business!

We care about your needs and educate about the possibilities

So, what does your company need us for? Entering Industry 4.0 is much more than just purchasing and operating a 3D printer. By talking to us, you can be sure that you will avoid industry-specific marketing traps and that you will actually gain on your investment. We focus primarily on cooperation with your company, not sales.

As Sygnis New Technologies, we are the leader in technological consulting in Poland, specializing in the implementation of additive technologies in companies and institutions, construction of specialized machines, research and development projects and short production series. We create solutions tailored to individual needs, using the vast experience, education and technical background of our employees as well as in-depth market research and material analyzes. We introduced dozens of products to the market using rapid prototyping methods and supervising mass industrial processes.

In many industrial plants, 3D printers are already a standard tool for maintenance engineers. It is easy to calculate that with 15 machines and a failure rate of 0.30, reducing the resumption of production by just 6 minutes brings annual savings of PLN 250,000.

In many companies, most prototypes are made on the production machines available at the plant, which most often disorganizes production and increases the implementation costs (the average cost of one hour of downtime of a small production line is about PLN 5,000 – almost as much as the cost of a 3D printer with which such downtime can be easily eliminated). How can we help you change it? Look below for answers!

Start optimizing your business!
Start optimizing your business!

Technological audit

We start with familiarizing Sygnis’ specialists with the current state of the recipient’s technology in the production area with quality control, in the design and research and development departments. The audit also covers the method of communication of individual departments, work with documentation and data archivization.
Conducting the audit includes:
  • Online conversation with a Sygnis’ specialist.
  • Lecture at the recipient’s premises on additive technologies developed worldwide.
  • Visit of a specialist in the recipient’s departments covered by the audit.
  • Setting the recipient’s development goals.
  • Delivery of the audit report prepared by the visiting specialist to the recipient. The audit report includes a commentary on the existing state of technology, joint development goals and recommendations for actions to achieve these goals.

Technology consulting

Hiring access to a team of Sygnis’ specialists for a specific project or technological issue. The team consists of a leader and two specialists.
The project consists of:
  • The dialogue between the leader and the recipient, focused on familiarizing the specialist with a specific problem of the recipient and his resources to solve it, the leader, if necessary, engages additional specialists in the dialogue.
  • Project implementation proposals proposed by a team of specialists.
  • Valuation of the project implementation proposal.
  • Supervision of a team of specialists over the implementing of the projects’ processes – activities consisting in the appropriate management of the established budget, the implementation of all purchases on behalf of the recipient, management of the project implementation process.