Hardware House

Sygnis New Technologies is a hardware house. We create new industrial solutions and machines tailored to our Client’s needs. Our original projects co-solve global problems of energy storage. We aggregate various additive technologies, thanks to which we are effective in meeting the modern needs of industry and science. We provide machines, knowledge and rapid prototyping services.​

We cooperate with the largest research centers in Poland and Europe. Our partners are industrial companies operating in many industries, from manufacturing, through education sectors, to other R&D teams. Together we implement projects that change the world.

Machine building, 3D design and modeling, trainings and workshops, services and equipment, rapid prototyping

A well-coordinated and experienced team of Sygnis New Technologies specialists implements projects aimed at construction machines that can reach previously unreachable production and analytical capabilities. ​ The beating heart of Sygnis New Technologies is the vast machine center with 3D printer farms, complementary machines for the production and processing of objects, post-processing spaces, prototyping laboratory and research rooms. This is where a new technological thought blossoms, projects for customers are created, as well as services and repairs are being conducted.

We are working in the following areas: 

  • FDM / FFF 3D printing ​

  • DLP / SLA / LCD 3D printing ​

  • SLS 3D printing ​

  • 3D printing from high-temperature materials:
    PEEK, PP, PEEK CF30, PEI ​

  • MJP 3D printing (casting wax) ​

  • Laser sintering of metal powders ​
  • Binder Jetting 3D printing (from sand) ​
  • Vacuum Casting ​
  • Thermoforming ​
  • LTG 3DP (Low-Temperature Glass 3D Printing) ​
  • DIW 3D printing (Direct Ink Writing)

Sygnis New Technologies is a distributor of: