Receipt of information about winning a tender for the supply of a confocal microscope to an entity in Bulgaria

The Management Board of Sygnis SA, headquartered in Gdansk (the “Company”), informs that today it has received information about the winning of a tender for the supply of a stationary multi-modal lighting, fluorescence and confocal microscopy system for a company based in Bulgaria. The tender, which the Company won, was conducted under the public procurement procedure. The microscope in question is a model BC43 manufactured by Belfast-based Andor Technology Ltd. (part of the international group Oxford Instruments plc). It is a confocal microscope designed for, among other things, live imaging, allowing in particular the examination of light-sensitive samples. The value of the order is BGN 419,000 (i.e., about EUR 213,900). The binding document on the basis of which the Company will carry out this delivery will be a contract, the signing of which will be announced by a separate announcement.

The Management Board points out that the bidding for the delivery of this microscope is a consequence of receiving authorization for the sale of these devices, which the Company announced in ESPI Report No. 6/2022 on January 28, 2022.

In addition, the Management Board recalls that this is another European tender won in Bulgaria in which the Company participated, which is part of the implementation of the adopted development strategy for expansion in Southern European countries.