The Design is in the Detail

This month, due to the global and national situation related to the coronavirus pandemic, we have diametrically shifted our production. We have strengthened the cooperation with our partner Warsaw Genomics, for whom we prepare projects and help in securing and organizing the laboratory for testing for SARS-CoV-2 virus in patients.
We strive to help maintain the maximum output of the laboratory, which currently remains at the level of up to a thousand tests per day.

We have provided our specialized laboratory stands dedicated for coronavirus testing laboratories 3D models for everyone to download as an open-source project.
You can view and download the models by clicking the link below.

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Extremely Rapid Prototyping

In this blog post, however, we would like to present another project with which we achieve almost dizzying speeds in prototyping and delivering the finished product to the customer.

The problem was the use of custom reaction plates in Beckman Coulter robots. The plates moved in the handles, causing the risk of damage to the expensive, currently necessary in the laboratory, device.

Imagine Stabilization

Only four hours passed from the moment the problem was diagnosed to 3D printing the first ready object. During this time, we were able to design, produce and deliver the 3D print increasing the reliability of automated processes on Biomek Beckman Coulter robotic systems.

Our solution were 3D prints with simple shapes, using the existing geometry of the handles, which do not go beyond the outline of the machine, allow the positioning of weighing pan without damaging the device.