About us

Sygnis New Technologies is a leading R&D and technology consulting in Poland, specializing in the implementation of additive technologies in companies and institutions, as well as short prototype series production and individual technological consulting.


We run multiple technological and biotechnology projects – we analyze, produce and optimize. Since the establishment of the company, Sygnis has been developing solutions tailored to individual needs, using great extensive experience, educational and technical background of its employees as well as in-depth market research. We have introduced dozens of products to the market using rapid prototyping methods and supervising mass production processes. We help companies and scientists at various stages of their projects and research.


Sygnis consists of creative and ambitious people who, as part of their work, run projects and expand their skills. Thanks to this, we have created a team of the best engineers, scientists and 3D printing specialists in Poland. We strive to identify our clients’ needs and provide them with the most optimal solutions that will streamline production processes and help reduce losses.