Knowledge has layers

Sygnis is a constellation. We are an assemblage of outstanding individualities: valued engineers, designers and scientists, but at the same time we form a well-coordinated and dynamic team. Regardless of where we come from, each of us is an expert in their field. We are growing in strength by sharing knowledge. We love to create everyday objects, technological solutions, projects as well as graphics, films and hermetic jokes. We share a passion for Sci-Fi series and books – a remnant of teenage fascinations with the universe. Then we understood that the future is plastic and we can shape it.

Although we started with 3D printing, today we create in over 30 technologies.
We haven’t set a dot yet

Meet our team:

Andrzej Burgs

CEO & Chairman of the Board

Physicist – businessman. He’s virtually indestructible. He never gets sick and is always in full strength.

Together with the team, we suspect that he is taking on a human form just to make others feel more comfortable.


One of the founders of the Chamber of Commerce of Industry 4.0. Expert – employer of the Polish Accreditation Committee.

Born in Warsaw, passionate historian – with good whiskey, he can discuss education, science and business for hours.
He keeps track of the ups and downs of Polonia Warsaw. Proud graduate of Staszic.

The owner of Technika by Sygnis technology showroom at al. Solidarności 78 in Warsaw.


At this time, we estimate that about 1/3 of Polish society already knows that his glasses are 3D printed. Now, you know it too.

Ewelina Zaremba

Chief Technology Officer

Ewelina and Piotr joined the company at the same time. There is a legend in Sygnis that if Piotr hadn’t let her through the door on their first day of work, she would not have become our CTO. Fortunately, Piotr is a gentleman.


Ewelina is the operational brain of the technical department. Seemingly calm and nice, when she gets angry, her long blond curls dispel like the dark version of Galadriel, and her anger is powerful.


But she bakes really delicious cookies.


She develops implementation plans and manages teams of technicians and 3D printing specialists. When everyone goes home, she puts on headphones and rocks to songs from her favourite musicals.


Forbes 25under25 2021. Women in 3D Printing ambassador.

Olga Czerwińska

Chief R&D Officer

Doctor of physics at the University of Warsaw, who combines scientific activity and professional work in a reckless way. She is able to smoothly move in conversation from curiosities from children’s fairy tales to references to any episode of “Friends” (all knows by heart), up to the problems associated with elementary particles.


Over the past ten years, she has conducted scientific research, taught students, conducted workshops for children, organized countless national and international conferences. She calms her mind by practising yoga.


At Sygnis, she deals full-time with the commercialization of science.

Women in 3D Printing ambassador.


In some circles people call her Inga. But it’s secret by confidential.

Maciej Głowacki

Senior Product Designer

He has many years of experience in designing for industry, science and broadly understood industrial design. In his work, he creates designs for 3D printing, injection molds, vacuum casting and many other manufacturing technologies. His portfolio includes projects for: the Polish Army, the University of Warsaw and companies such as Johnson Electric and Bacardi. Winner of Polish and International design competitions: 2017 Glassberries Design Award, 2017 Siemens Future Living Award and 2019 ORNO Project.


He has a built-in sentiment for the “Elderly Gentlemen’s Cabaret” and Fellini’s movies. Next to Marek Lorent-Kamiński, his longtime friend, one of the two die-hard fans of The Mars Volta in Poland. Together, they form the memical signpost of Sygnis.


Maciej is unable to remain serious during photo sessions. Presented above – the only archival photograph suitable for LinkedIn.

Marek Lorent-Kamiński

Chief Marketing Officer

Most of the content you read on Sygnis is a work of Marek’s literary fertility. This time, because of innate modesty, he asked us to describe him.


Marek is responsible for the company’s image, all concepts of content marketing, Sygnis social channels and the worst, because contagious, jokes in the company. He contacts the media outlets, deals with cooperation with partners and develops strategies for marketing activities. He is a magician who can turn an inconspicuous barter into really interesting cooperation.


If he hadn’t worked at Sygnis, he would have probably voiceover nature films, because he modulates his voice like nobody else. After work he plays drums in the band Bastard Disco, absorbs horrendous amounts of pesto and writes poems from time to time.

Joanna Kozos

Graphic Designer

Asia is a self-styled graphic designer, photographer, urban planner, programmer, folk dancer, goth and cyclist who, with her active lifestyle, can embarrass many sportsmen, and certainly shames all the sloths in the office.


She used to deal with, among others, renovation of old documents. Thousands of letters and photographs passed through her hands. Long forgotten stories and nameless heroes still live in her memory.


Has many years of design experience. Every day, she works on many threads – creates graphic, internal and promotional materials for the needs of several brands from the Sygnis family.

Piotr Piskorski

Project Manager

As we already know, a high-class gentleman, a graduate of Microtechnology and Nanotechnology at the Faculty of Mechatronics of the Warsaw University of Technology. Piotr has supernatural powers which are activated after morning coffee, e.g. he can start over forty 3D printers with a single move of his hand. He is our office Magneto, except he doesn’t wear a helmet (more handsome than Fassbender).


Develops and conducts specialized trainings, including FDM technology, 3D scanning and teaching the CAD / CAM software. He is fueled by sweet energy drinks and dry jokes.


All indisposed printers come to him seeking help. They return to their clients in full strength and experiencing a second youth. Piotr perfectly describes the intricacies of additive technologies, easily explaining even the most complex issues.

Nikoletta Buczek

Application Engineer

She leaves the lab and crashes into the gym. Then switches protective gloves for boxing gloves. In both cases, she does her best. Nikola represents a combination of cleverness and strength, which would make her work in many spy films as a secret agent.


Ultimately, however, she devoted her time and attention to biotechnology. She is drawn into the micro and nano world, and as an Application Engineer at Sygnis Bio Technologies, discovers the charms of the most modern devices and software, introducing them to the Polish market for laboratories, research centers and universities. In the Central and Eastern Europe region, she represents, among others, Cellink, DRVision, Nanolive, Etaluma, Alveole and Femtika brands.


As the only one in the entire company, and in fact the only person among the people I know, she mastered the ceremonial nod straight from the XVIII century. Respect.

Marta Robak

Junior Application Engineer

One book made her choose the development path in engineering. She read it just before choosing the subjects from which she wanted to write her high school exams. Inspired by the ingenuity, skills and knowledge of Matt Damon, an engineer trying to survive on the Red Planet, she enrolled in her high school finals in physics. There was no turning back. Time to plant potatoes.


At Sygnis Bio Technologies, she deals mostly with Izon Science LTD and Cellink products. They met with Nikola in college in October 2016. Their shared passion for biotechnology turned out to be the creative fuel of their relationship. Like her, Marta actively deepens her knowledge in this field. From time to time, she composes cross-sectional articles on Sygnis blog from the publications and application notes that she has assimilated in various corners of her mind.


She most appreciates paintings in the spirit of academicism and realism, but also does not despise well-arranged abstractionism. Without unnecessary frills and colours. Right to the point.