NANOSCRIBE’s Quantum X bio is the first of its kind to enable submicron printing resolution and raises the bar for high-precision 3D bioprinting. With two-photon polymerization (2PP), the system is a major tool for miniaturizing bioprinting, redefining work on advanced biomedical applications, including tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Quantum X bio offers core features such as precise temperature control, sterile environment and functionalized biomaterials that open up new levels of bioprinting and effectively accelerate innovation in key applications such as tissue engineering, cell biology and the full range of biomedical applications.

Quantum X bio provides all the functionality needed to print from bioresins with living cells – and keep them alive. This enables the discovery of exciting new applications such as printing vascularized tissues, smart/living materials, topologies for cell mechanics and migration, submicron modeling and much more.


  • Open system compatible with any available bioresin
  • Cell-friendly wavelength (780 nm)
  • Sterile, temperature-controlled environment
  • Ability to achieve cell viability >90%

Technical specifications:

Maximum print area, mm²50 x 50
Printing TechnologyLayer-by-layer 3D printing based on Two-Photon Polymerization (2PP)
Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL®) with voxel tuning capability
Maximum scan speed6.25 m/s divided by lens magnification
Print field diameter25 mm divided by lens magnification
Autofocus precision, nmdown to ≤ 30
Shape accuracy, nmdown to ≤ 200
Karolina Sobeczek
Application Engineer
Karolina Sobeczek
Application Engineer