At Sygnis you will spread your wings!

Join a team of experts with many years of experience in the field of new hardware technologies. People with unparalleled knowledge and a positive approach to life form a team of which you can be a part! Among us are engineers, technicians, scientists, humanists and artists. Together we face challenges that seem to be impossible for most.

Summer internship programs

Jobs, internships, apprenticeships or maybe you have an idea for a startup or are already running one?

One of the people who did their internship with us is Kasia

I applied for the internship through an ad found on the Internet. I was looking for an internship where I could develop my skills to further my career as a graphic designer.

I started my internship at Sygnis in August 2022 in the Design Department. I was given the opportunity to develop many skills and polish my knowledge of the Adobe suite of programs – from the beginning I was independently involved in preparing advertising materials, editing video footage or retouching photos. Despite the many challenges set before me, I could always count on substantive support and help from both my supervisor and other employees (not only from my department).

I liked the working atmosphere at Sygnis, so I was very happy when, after the internship, I was given the opportunity to continue working full-time, in the position of Junior Graphic Designer.

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and in the title of the email specify that you are interested in an internship!

Piotr started out as an intern, and is now looking for interns for his own department.

I first noticed the company while browsing internship opportunities. At the time, I was looking for a company operating in manufacturing and new technologies in the broadest sense. My goal was to work for a company that combined the additive techniques I was interested in with the conventional techniques I had been exposed to in college.

The internship started with the basics of working with 3D printers, both in terms of operating them, as well as selecting the right materials and process parameters to create final products. During the internship, I had the opportunity to collaborate in projects that dealt with industrial and manufacturing issues reflecting the real application of additive techniques.

I also enjoyed the internship because of the openness of working with people. Everyone was willing to talk about the topics of the projects, and at times when there was a lack of ideas for further action they provided guidance.

As part of the internship, I gained both technical skills that were of interest to me and also had the opportunity to verify the knowledge presented in my studies with the current state of the industry and the solutions used in it. The added value was also working with the design and marketing teams.

I liked it so much that I stayed. Now I manage the Production Department and am looking for interns passionate about 3D printing.

Who are we looking for and what do we offer?

We are looking for people who:

  • will engage in conceptual, research, experimental, construction, design, also physical work, working with tools, working with data, writing reports, etc. – that is, they are open to a variety of activities

  • are interested in additive manufacturing methods, are passionate about 3D printing, know the differences between FDM and SLS methods

  • have completed at least the 2nd year of their studies

  • have a very good command of English B2 minimum and are willing to refer to reference literature

  • are open-minded and creative while being conscientious and reliable

What we offer:

  • 3 months contract,

  • flexible working hours, 140 hours per month

  • internship in stationary mode

  • opportunity to stay within the company’s structures – depending on the company’s current business need and the supervisor’s opinion and your time availability

  • development – independently conduct research and experiments, of course, based on guidance and knowledge of the experts you have at your fingertips

  • substantive feedback at the end of the internship

Do you want to try your chances at Sygnis? Write to us at:,

and in the title of the email specify that you are interested in an internship!

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